Strategic Planning

We help lead you and your organization through the strategic planning process…from start to completion! We start with a thorough understanding of your issues, your challenges, your successes and your aspirations. We then work with you to define your outcomes, chart out your strategies and then create milestones to view your progress. 

Strategy Execution

Creating strategy is only half the battle…the other half is executing it smartly!  Making sure the entire team is clear on their deliverables and accountabilities.  Making sure that initiatives are being implemented across the organization in a way that breaks down silos.  Making sure that everyone has a clear picture of success – and knows how they contribute to it – is key.   We work with you to implement a tried and true process of strategy execution, that relies on a steady and repeatable rhythm to make sure you’re achieving success.

Organizational Reviews & Assessments

Governance Gap Analysis & Review/Assessment

Governance (policy, legal, strategic) – identifies gaps between the MD’s mission, vision, mandate, values, principles, strategy, policies, legal requirements & governance structure (committee structure, meeting conduct, terms of reference, composition, decision making & CAO engagement) – can include a self-assessment or 360 degree (staff & stakeholders) assessment of Council’s performance to set a baseline or to measure progress against a baseline – provides a range of solutions for consideration & a process for ensuring continuous implementation.

Information Flow Gap Analysis & Review/Assessment

Identifies gaps in reporting and resources – what is required for alignment with legal requirements and strategic priorities; what types of reports should Council be receiving, what is Council receiving; do the reports have the pertinent information in a succinct format to enable informed decision making by Council; is the flow of information in the organization hindering or helping (can include information flow and process mapping); provides a range of solutions for consideration & a process for ensuring continuous implementation

Operational Resource Gap Analysis & Review/Assessment

Identifies gaps between strategic priorities/objectives/goals and resources available to successfully implement; identifies obstacles to success in implementation on review of existing Municipal assets, including staffing, how those are being managed/optimized and whether changes need to be made to achieve success for both the short term and the long term (training & project management in asset management can be provided); provides a range of solutions for consideration & a process for ensuring continuous implementation

Culture Review

Identifies common patterns of behavior and whether those help or hinder the flow of information and overall health of the organization – identifies any obstacles to achieving optimal organizational health, stability & sustainability – can include a communication & engagement analysis both internally (organizationally) and externally (with citizens) – provides solutions for consideration & a process for ensuring continuous implementation

Council Governance, Oversight & Coaching

The role of a municipal Councillor is unique – and hard!  Elected to govern, committed to making a difference, and facing armchair quarterbacks at every turn. 

We can help you cut through the clutter and focus on what’s important.  By aligning around strategy and building the right oversight processes so you can zero in on what you need to we help you to collectively be better governors for your community.   

Project Planning, Procurement & Implementation

Whether you’re planning your next watermain replacement or the largest capital project in your municipality, we’re here to help.  We’ve led some of the largest municipal projects in Canada and can bring those same skills to your projects.

Service Delivery Review & Optimization

Service delivery is at the heart of municipal government.  It’s what we do, and it’s what shapes the fabric of our community.  Making sure it’s done efficiently, effectively and that it meets the needs of your community is of utmost importance.  That’s where our Strategic Service Delivery Review comes in.

We work directly with your teams to define the programs your offer, make sure that they’re run efficiently, and that the service levels are supported by the public you serve.  We believe that when the public is fully engaged in the service setting process, that best value is achieved.  

Risk Profiling & Management


Diversity, Inclusion, Cultural Enhancement


ExecutiveCoaching & Support

We know what it’s like to be in the corner office.  It can be a lonely place.  Having been there before, we know the pressures you’re under.  That’s why we are here to support you through your most difficult challenges.  We are a sounding board for your ideas.  We are helping you avoid blind spots and biases.  We are helping you with the issues you can’t raise with your staff, and giving you the confidential advise you need to get to a decision.

General Counsel & Chief Engineer Support

Need recurring legal advise?  Can’t find the right person to lead your Public Works or Engineering departments?  We have deep backgrounds in these areas and can support you and your organization with the skills that you need in a way that aligns with your budget.  

We can provide you guidance through some of your most sensitive issues whether they are legal, contractual or intermunicpal.  We can also work directly with your teams to help you construct budgets, long range financial plans, program and utilty models.

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