Termination Checklist – “Without Cause”

As a final instalment to the truly unfortunate side of an economic downturn coupled with a pandemic, I’m providing a link to a checklist for a “without cause” termination – when you need to fire someone but not because they’ve done something substantively wrong – for instance, you’ve had to restructure your services; or itContinue reading “Termination Checklist – “Without Cause””

Extending those Temporary Layoff Notices

When COVID-19 restrictions first started impacting our lives and businesses, we provided a temporary layoff notice for use by anyone who was in the unfortunate circumstance of requiring its use. Now, with the 60 day limit of continual layoff coming up, and the Ministerial Order extending that limit to 120 days, we are providing anContinue reading “Extending those Temporary Layoff Notices”

COVID-19 TOOLS: Financial Forecasts

There’s been lots of conversation and news coverage about the financial impact that COVID-19 will have on Canadian Municipalities. Revenue Losses from services that need to continue (like Transit), or from interest earnings from deferred payments (like deferred Property Tax or Utility Payments) are going to hurt the top line numbers. Expense Increases from theContinue reading “COVID-19 TOOLS: Financial Forecasts”

COVID-19 TOOLS: Operational Posture

As the COVID pandemic spreads across Canada and local government becomes even more impacted, municipalities will have to continually adjust their posture to respond in the most effective way. Thinking about it before you get there is key! Over the past week or so I’ve had a number of conversations with colleagues about this andContinue reading “COVID-19 TOOLS: Operational Posture”

Open Communication & Sharing

During the COVID-19 crisis, we will start regularly posting documentation that municipalities, private businesses and not-for-profits can download, use, modify and share at will. Please email or call us directly if you would like us to publicly share a certain type of document or if you have questions about what to do next. On theContinue reading “Open Communication & Sharing”