Do you want surgery with a Scalpel? or a Chainsaw?

I had the privlidge of giving a presentation at the February 10 Infrastructure Asset Management Association Workshop about how leaders can use the principles of Asset Management to navigate difficult financial times.

While this presentation lasted only 75 minutes….the genesis of it was 20 years in the making. From the muncipal financial squeese of the ’90s in Saskatchewan; the Core Service Review feeding frenzy of the 2000s; the core principles of Asset Management (Level of Service & Risk) that emerged later in that decade; and what should be the core focus of every Council — a focus on strategy and real impact. All of these experiences shaped the content of this presentation…and our approach to managing servcie delivery.

We’ve used this approach to help teams better understand what services they offer, and more importantly – why. And then support them in making good decisions around ho wto invest scarce resources wisely.

Feel free to download the presentation attached, and reach out if you have any questions, or would like to talk about how you can bring all of these threads together.

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