With the economy taking some measured steps to reopen, it’s time to start recalling your employees from layoff. You need to do it properly and give them the right information – both legally & ethically.

I’ve attached a form of Recall Notice that you can use. Please note that this notice assumes you have created policies, procedures and processes around remote work, in-house work and most importantly, continuing health and safety. You need to provide those documents to your returning employees so they can read, learn and understand their rights & obligations.

Employees need 7 days’ notice to return. If they do not return, you may be able to terminate their positions without notice. However, that all depends on the reasons and then it can get complicated. In particular, as an employer, you need to be sensitive to the particular circumstances of each employee. Be flexible, be reasonable & be kind. Please feel free to reach out if you want help customizing your Recall Notice.

Good Luck and Congratulations on Your Rehires!

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