Termination Checklist – “Without Cause”

As a final instalment to the truly unfortunate side of an economic downturn coupled with a pandemic, I’m providing a link to a checklist for a “without cause” termination – when you need to fire someone but not because they’ve done something substantively wrong – for instance, you’ve had to restructure your services; or it just isn’t a good fit any more.

In the list, I’ve included actions that are considered respectful and those that are disrespectful. I’ve been the recipient of both, and always advise people to err on the side of doing too much, rather than tearing someone down when they are at their most vulnerable. There is almost never a reason to “walk someone out the door” on a without cause termination.

As always, please take and use and modify to suit your circumstances.

Employment Termination Checklist – Without Cause – May 2020

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