COVID-19 TOOLS: Operational Posture

As the COVID pandemic spreads across Canada and local government becomes even more impacted, municipalities will have to continually adjust their posture to respond in the most effective way. Thinking about it before you get there is key! Over the past week or so I’ve had a number of conversations with colleagues about this and how they can respond, and here’s what we’ve developed.
The Government of New Zealand developed a 4 Level response plan based on the inherent Risk of COVID-19 and the range of measures that could be applied as it spread. I’ve posted it here with the addition of the ‘Range of Muncipal Actions’ column. Feel free to use it and adapt it to your circumstances.
The other step we’ve taken is created a ‘Service Shut Down and Reprioritization’ approach. As we get farther up the ‘Levels’ of responses, service delivery will go from ‘Normal Operations’ to ‘Restricted Operations’ to ‘Emergency Support’ (where resources are redirected to these priority services) to ‘Cease Operations’ (where non priority services are simply stopped). Available for your use is a sample Service Listing and a potential/probable progression of service changes as the response level rises. As always feel free to adapt to your particular situation.

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